What Is Choose Natural?

Choose Natural is the result of an unusual conversation between Steve Anson from Perth, Australia and Bill Esteb from Colorado back in 2005.

“The way Google works, it’s close to impossible for a chiropractor to rank for search terms like headaches and back pain,” observed Steve.

choose natural logo“Plus, they don’t rank for health complaints that chiropractors help, but aren’t thought of as being spinal conditions,” Esteb added. “So it excludes people who want an all-natural solution.”

That was the problem that Steve and Bill set to solve.

The happy result is Choose Natural.

Choose Natural introduces prospective patients to chiropractic care. It ranks for those searching health issues helped by chiropractors. Then, introduces them to the natural approach used by local chiropractors.

Choose Natural is a labor of love. It’s supported and maintained by the folks at Perfect Patients who are chiropractic patients themselves. Plus, an independent chiropractic advisory board reviews all the content.

For patients, by patients.

Thanks for visiting. Thanks for choosing natural. Thanks for choosing chiropractic!