Category: ADHD

Time for a TV Fast!

Have you noticed changes in your children’s personalities – increased irritability, imp..

ADD/ADHD: Is It Real?

The ADD/ADHD diagnosis is controversial at best, or a sham to get lots of kids on medication fo..

Listening to Your Body

Many of us in the health care field have discovered the positive effects of biofeedback. This t..

Food Allergies

You eat strawberries. Hives. You eat shellfish. Your throat starts to close and you can’t bre..

Amusing Yourself to Death?

What would happen if you trashed every television in your house? Or hid the remotes? Or secretl..

10 Reasons NOT to Eat Sugar!

Sugar, in its many forms, is an increasingly common ingredient in processed foods. Many of us e..

Natural Approaches For ADHD

Character traits associated with ADHD/ADD include a chronic history of having a short attention..

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