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Headaches Are Common – But Not Normal

You may believe that everyone gets headaches. After all, they’re normal, right? Some are dull..

Chiropractic and Headaches: What’s the Connection?

Though thousands of different triggers can cause headaches, one thing is certain—they happen ..

Cranial Nerves and Their Functions

Did you know that there are 12 pairs of cranial nerves that perform some highly sophisticated f..

Oh My Aching Head!

It’s back again – that dull steady pain that starts at the back of your head and moves forw..

Tips for Living Better, Longer

In the 1920’s, the average life expectancy was 54; today the average life expectancy is 78. A..

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

How many people jump out of bed every day, rush through their shower and dressing routine and f..

Why is Time So Hard to Manage?

Do you go to work every day and come home feeling like you’ve gotten nothing accomplished? Is..

Circadian What?

Have you ever heard the term “Circadian Dysrhythmia”? It’s hard to even say it let alone ..

Is Chocolate Good For You?

The very word, “chocolate,” brings to mind images of a melt-in-your-mouth, rich and decaden..

Do You Suffer From Burnout?

You’re constantly tired, life is just “too hard,” and your get up and go just got up and ..

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