Pediatric Chiropractic Care

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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

When you think of the word “chiropractic,” you might automatically think of back pain treatment for adults. Sure, chiropractic naturally and effectively alleviates such pain, but it does so much more. In fact, pediatric chiropractic care can get children off to the healthiest start in life possible.

Why Choose Care for Children?

Smiling kidsFrom the trauma of the birth process to the various bumps, bruises and falls that kids experience growing up, children’s spines can become subluxated. That means there’s interference present in the nervous system that can create problems if not addressed.

The central nervous system is comprised of the brain and the spinal cord. From the spinal cord are nerves that go to each organ, gland, tissue, muscle and cell of the body.

Consider the nervous system to be similar to a fuse box in your house. If there’s a “blown fuse,” a child could react with a host of conditions such as colic, bed-wetting, ear infections, torticollis, reflux and more.

A minor problem in a child’s spine that is not treated can develop into a much more significant issue in adulthood. We believe that it’s much easier to grow a healthy child than repair a damaged adult – that’s the real value of pediatric chiropractic care.

Benefits for Babies and Children

Do you know that it’s a good idea to bring your baby in to see a chiropractor as soon as possible after birth? That’s because the birth process itself can inflict trauma on the baby’s neck and spine.

A host of symptoms may arise when spinal problems are present. These include fussiness, inability to breastfeed, spitting up, unexplained crying, sleeping poorly, or failing to thrive. Pediatric chiropractors recommend wellness visits as children learn to crawl and walk, experience injuries, go through growth spurts, start playing sports and fight various illnesses.

We recommend that you schedule pediatric chiropractic care wellness visits with your chiropractor to check your child’s spinal alignment just as you would with a traditional check-up with their medical doctor. Visiting a pediatric chiropractor can often help your child with a broad array of conditions.

These include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Chiropractors are highly trained doctors who use gentle adjusting techniques on children. For example, a chiropractor would only use the same amount of pressure to adjust a baby as is used to check a tomato for ripeness.

No; not at all. Chiropractors only will use highly gentle and age-appropriate adjusting techniques that are remarkably effective. With chiropractic, it isn’t necessary to use much force to get good results.

Because clear brain-body communication helps to facilitate healthy immune function, regular chiropractic adjustments can help boost your child’s immune system and reduce the occurrence of colds and flu.

Chiropractic addresses the nervous system and aims to get to the root of an issue versus merely masking symptoms. Medical care relies on drugs and surgery while chiropractic is natural and noninvasive.

It’s always your choice as to how long you want your child to be under chiropractic care. Consider, however, that your child likely sees the dentist twice a year for checkups to maintain optimal oral health. You also probably take your child to the pediatrician for regular wellness visits. Likewise, chiropractic care should be considered an essential part of your child’s overall health and wellness regimen.

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