Bedwetting Treatment

Natural Bedwetting Treatment

What can be more discouraging than watching your child get up in the morning, having wet the bed again?

While many think of chiropractic care for back or neck pain, it can work wonders as a natural bedwetting (enuresis) treatment. Surprised? Chiropractic care addresses the nerve communication pathways between the brain and the bladder. Naturally. Without drugs or surgery.

“Cures” for Bedwetting Children

How many different “cures” have you tried to stop your child’s bedwetting? Bedwetting Alarms? Special Diapers? Waking your child to go to the bathroom when you go to bed? Making him or her strip the bed and wash the sheets? Reducing the amount of fluids your bedwetting child can have after the dinner hour? Threatening your child with punishments?

Have any of these “solutions” worked to stop your child from wetting the bed?

A word of caution: Punishing your bedwetting child or using any type of physical force on him or her will only cause further emotional damage to a child who is already “wounded” by his or her condition.

Your child already feels shame and embarrassment. Don’t add guilt or withhold affection toward your child who is already suffering. Instead, consider a natural bedwetting treatment—chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Care for Bedwetting

Chiropractors know that many different diseases, illnesses and conditions begin after a fall, an accident or some type of injury. Even as the result of a difficult birth. Do you remember if your child had a bad fall? Was your bedwetting child a passenger in a car accident? Maybe he or she received some other type of head trauma.

This can cause your child’s spine to go out of proper alignment. This spinal misalignment can have a profound effect on the nerves that flow from the spine out to every part of the body. An interference-free link between the brain and bladder is essential if the bladder is going to function properly.

A spinal misalignment may be the underlying cause for your child’s bedwetting. So while it appears to be a bladder issue, it may actually be a nerve communication issue.

Chiropractors receive years of advanced training to understand the complexity of the nervous system and how it functions. They are the only type of health professional trained to locate and reduce spinal misalignments that may be interfering with proper nerve function. Once the spine is properly realigned and nerve interference is reduced, the body can function as it was designed. No more bedwetting!

Childhood Bedwetting: Why Hasn’t it Stopped?

Did you know that if your child is a bedwetter, you or your child’s other parent most likely was one too?

As with many health conditions, often there is a genetic link involved in childhood bedwetting. It’s not your child’s fault, and bedwetting certainly isn’t something that your child looks forward to every night. In fact, your child may actually dread going to bed and fights you every night to stay up longer because he or she is petrified that IT will happen again.

Mom and daughter on bedThere are, of course, other reasons for childhood bedwetting that include:

  • Inadequate level of the Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH) that shuts down urine production at night
  • Deep sleep – your bedwetting child sleeps so deeply that he or she doesn’t wake up when the urge to urinate strikes
  • Delayed daytime urination – many children do this because they are involved in an activity that they don’t want to be taken from to go to the bathroom
  • Delayed central nervous system development which hinders the bedwetting child’s ability to hold urine at night
  • Spinal abnormalities
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Stress in the home or at school

Sometimes children dealing with grief begin bedwetting again, as a reaction to the death of a parent, pet, close relative or friend. Or…the reason for the grief may be less obvious, such as relocation or a move to another school.

Above all else, it is most important to realize that your child is not wetting the bed to gain some attention or out of laziness or disobedience. Never punish or berate your child as this is not a bedwetting treatment and usually makes the problem worse.

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You haven’t tried everything if you haven’t tried gentle, effective and safe all-natural chiropractic care as a bedwetting treatment. Contact a chiropractor near you using our helpful directory—they’ll take the time to discuss the issue with you and your child and devise the best form of care possible for their unique needs.

Choose natural. Choose chiropractic!

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