Colic Treatment

Colic Treatment

You’re cranky, tired and irritable because your baby is in pain and won’t stop crying. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself and your baby to try one more approach – especially one that is simple, safe and natural?

We know that relief can’t come soon enough for the parents seeking colic treatment for their baby – fortunately, it’s readily available with natural pediatric chiropractic care.

Natural Colic Relief Solutions

If you’re the parent or caregiver of an infant with colic, you know the helplessness you feel each time your baby suffers from a colic episode.

You’ve tried all the suggestions – rocking the baby, feeding more, feeding less, taking the baby for a ride in the car or a carriage, placing the baby in an infant seat on top of the clothes dryer, running the vacuum, white noise, soft music, low lighting, noise reduction – and yet, the crying continues.

Your baby’s medical doctor may have suggested prescription or over-the-counter medications to help you deal with the colic and to ease your baby’s pain, but you’re afraid of prescription side effects and over-the-counter drops and “potions” haven’t helped at all.

There is a natural solution. Chiropractic care.

A Natural Colic Treatment

Many parents of babies with infant colic are wary of some of the traditional medical approaches to treat colic because they fear the possible side effects of certain medications. And rightfully so. If you have a choice between a pharmaceutical solution and a natural solution for colic treatment, why wouldn’t you choose the natural approach?

After all, it’s certainly safer and more effective than many of the controversial alternatives!

While many folks, including you, may still believe that chiropractors deal only with pain in the back and neck, this simply isn’t true. In fact, they help many people – infants, children, adolescents, teenagers and adults – to discover the healing abilities of their own bodies after any nerve interference that prohibits natural healing is located and removed.

What Causes Colic?

sleeping babyMany infants with colic suffer from nerve interference because of the birth process itself.

During delivery, a great deal of pressure may be exerted on an infant’s fragile neck and spine. If any type of delivery assistance, including forceps, is used, the pressure can be so great that it causes the spine to become misaligned and the misplaced bones interrupt normal nerve function to many different parts of the body.

Your baby can’t tell you they’ve got a headache or a misaligned spine causing them discomfort, but they can cry.

Although there is a great deal of debate regarding the causes of colic, many colicky babies who receive chiropractic care soon find relief from their colic symptoms, as do their very grateful parents. With chiropractic care, the focus is on identifying where the misalignment or subluxation is occurring and gently applying pressure to correct a misaligned vertebrae.

The amount of pressure used to adjust a child or newborn is extremely gentle – in fact, most chiropractors describe it as the same amount of force used to check a tomato for ripeness. There is absolutely no “popping” or “cracking” sound to be expected. You can also request your practitioner show you exactly how it will feel.

Most babies don’t even know they’re being adjusted – some even love it, falling asleep immediately after.

How Old Does a Child Have to Be for Chiropractic Care?

There’s an old saying in chiropractic – “The best time for an adjustment is at birth. The second best time is now!”

Simply put, chiropractic care is effective and safe for patients of all ages – whether your infant is hours, days or weeks old. The sooner you choose chiropractic care for your baby, the sooner proper function will be restored to their nervous system, allowing their little bodies to function exactly as they were designed to.

This means adequate sleeping, eating, and even proper pooping. And can include the prevention of the symptoms of colic itself.

Find Relief With Chiropractic Care

Sure it may sound strange at first, and maybe you’re apprehensive. But rest assured, pediatric chiropractors are highly trained and skilled practitioners who are able to provide natural solutions for many different health care challenges, including infant colic.

Find a chiropractor that can help you in our convenient directory to discuss your baby’s colic and get your questions answered. They, along with many of their patients, can provide the reassurance you need to seek the natural chiropractic alternative for your baby’s colic relief.

Choose natural. Choose chiropractic!

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