Pregnant CoupleThough it’s considered to be one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, pregnancy also can be accompanied by considerable discomfort.

As taking medication isn’t always and  option during pregnancy, there is an effective, drug-free solution for women’s health—chiropractic care.

Tips for Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Diet: In addition to chiropractic care, it’s also essential to eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, plain Greek yogurt, lentils, avocados, wild salmon, and nuts to name few. Many experts suggest consuming approximately 300 more calories per day during pregnancy.

Exercise: Incorporate low-impact exercise into your daily routine throughout pregnancy. Consider walking, swimming, dancing, yoga, and weight training. Always check with your physician before beginning an exercise regimen.

Hydrate: Drink plenty of pure water which is vital for you and your baby. Avoid caffeine, sugary drinks and beverages that contain artificial sweeteners. Not only does drinking water provide your developing baby with critical nutrients but it also can help to prevent urinary tract infections, constipation and hemorrhoids.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractors love helping pregnant mothers prepare for the birth of their upcoming bundle of joy with gentle and custom chiropractic care designed to meet the needs of their changing body.

They even take specialized courses and receive certifications that allow them to provide the best possible care using comfortable techniques.

How Chiropractic Can Improve Pregnancy

Optimal Function, Optimal Birth

Keeping your spine healthy allows us to ensure your entire nervous system is functioning as it should. When you’re able to keep your spine aligned and nervous system balanced during pregnancy, you’re setting your body up to work as effectively as possible. When you’re pregnant, a body working in peak performance is what you’re after!

Pain Relief

The joy of having a new baby is well worth the aches and pains you go through to get there. During pregnancy, it’s entirely common for mothers to experience not just back pain, but joint and muscle discomfort, headaches and even sciatica.

This is primarily due to the weight of the growing baby as it puts new stress on shifting internal organs. The good news? Chiropractic adjustments are gentle and effective during all stages of pregnancy.

Proper Alignment

Chiropractic patients know that our focus is typically spinal alignment. But for pregnant mothers, we’re also focused on ensuring the proper pelvic position for a couple of reasons.

First, if the pelvis is misaligned, it can limit the amount of space the developing baby has to grow and move. Second, it helps you keep proper posture throughout your pregnancy, which can prevent slouching that leads to unnecessary body aches.

Delivery Benefits

A smooth, healthy and speedy delivery is every new mother’s dream when it comes to the birthing process.

But what you may not know is that a misaligned pelvis can lead to difficult delivery issues as the baby isn’t always able to get into an ideal delivery position. For mothers who hope to have a natural and noninvasive birth, this can lead to problems.

Many patients of chiropractic care have reported that with regular prenatal care, their deliveries seemed faster and required less artificial intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin chiropractic care at any stage of the pregnancy. Ideally, you will be getting regular chiropractic adjustments before conception. Chiropractic can benefit both Mom and baby at every stage of pregnancy.

Chiropractic can help to alleviate aches and pains, maintain pelvic balance, decrease nausea, diminish mood swings, and much more.

No! Rest assured that your chiropractor will make your adjustments comfortable and safe. Many chiropractors provide moms-to-be with special pillows and adjusting tables to accommodate a pregnant woman’s body.

Some even take special courses and receive a certification in the Webster Technique, which means they’re experts in adjusting pregnant women.

Many chiropractors are trained in the Webster Technique. By removing stress on a pregnant woman’s pelvis, the uterus and surrounding ligaments relax, permitting your baby to turn naturally.

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